A neighborhood favorite since 2014 we ship nationwide

JFell Glass

Jordan , aka Jfell, grew up in Wisconsin and has lived his whole life there.  He recently moved to the Milwaukee area to work out of Micros Workshop (another artist we work with closely!).  He has been on the torch nearly every day since he started blowing back in 2013. Jfell Glassbros came charging into the market with his water spinners and fab designs.  Crushing out those color combos and opal creations.  Jordan’s signature fabcycler designs shred it then spin it, hard to beat!  Keep you eyes peeled for fresh drops from Glassbros, they go quick.  You can often catch him Collaborating with another favorite artist BC Glass. “My interest and hobbies pretty much revolve around glassblowing and hanging out with friends and family but I do love getting lose in nature” – Jordan Fell “My biggest inspiration comes from real people I meet in life that are motivated to drive for success.”  - Jordan Fell