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Dabrite Pro x Darby Collaboration

East Atlanta Village Smoke, Vape, and CBD

  • German-manufactured IR sensor
  • Sensor Shield
  • Sesh Light™
  • Full-Color Screen
  • 10-inch Arm
  • Dunk Alarm™
  • Light & Sound Alerts
  • Alert & Volume Options
  • Built-in Emissivity Settings
  • 4 Pre-Settable Profiles
  • LED Guide Light
  • Automatic Shut-off After 5 Minutes of No Use
  • Dab Rite x Darby Startup Screen
  • Darby Cactus Landscape and Skull Print on Each Side. Artwork by Bloodshed.
  • Dab Rite x Darby Microfiber Cloth with Skull & Mushrooms
  • Darby Green and Blue Swirl Silicone with Metallic Flakes and Peyote Shaped Sensor Cover
  • Darby Rainbow Cactus Sleeve


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